Artist's Statement

I am a maker of objects. I explore materials, shapes, forms, and contexts. I am always searching for an expression of harmony and balance within the constraints imposed by the material: an environment, a theme, or my own creative instincts.

The materials that stimulate me generally are the ancient ones: wood, stone, lead, and steel. My approach is to sense what the material offers and to engage with it to discover what it can reveal. I continue to work with the material, to transform and reconfigure it, until I expose a new or a familiar truth about myself.

Sometimes this truth does not reveal itself until I have completed a sculpture, spent time with it, touched it, moved it, or displayed it. Buried memories that identify its meaning can arise once I live with a work. Sometimes that meaning never reveals itself in a way I can express other than through the work itself. For me, what arises out of my engagement with the material is the driving force to recognition of self.

I love gardens and create works especially for them. In gardens, I strive to establish a stable intimate presence, a visual settling point in the midst of nature's chaos. The overall scale and the relationship of existing objects in the space guide me. I search for the design and materials that best add harmony and balance to the setting.

Art for me is a way of creating order out of chaos. I became an artist relatively late in life to create order out of what had been a chaotic regimentation of duty and accountability. This freedom to spend my life creating objects in physical space has itself been a transformation. My goal is to bring that freedom into every piece I make.